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Cartwheels Bus


cartwheelsbusWe at Cartwheels have a mission – to make learning and fitness FUN!!! The first several years of a child’s life are their most formative. We know that children love to play, move and jump around; it’s the body’s ways of helping them grow up strong and healthy. The activities in the Cartwheels Program are designed to tap into a child’s natural energy and focus it in a productive way. We strive to create a positive learning experience for children in a caring and fun atmosphere. Through the use of GYMNASTICS, DANCE, LOW-IMPACT AEROBICS, MOVEMENT AND TAI-CHI (BEAM-CHI), we have developed a fitness program for children that will help them develop:

  • Coordination
  • Flexibility
  • Strength
  • Control
  • Focus

The development will help lead to:

  • Self-confidence
  • A positive self image
  • Increased self-esteem
  • The ability to follow directions
  • Increased body awareness


Your child is important and so is your time. The Cartwheels staff recognize family time can be scarce and irreplaceable. Our innovative program is brought directly to your child-care provider. Cartwheels will not conflict with your busy schedule or family time.


Cartwheels is a full-size school bus that is fully matted and carpeted to assure a safe learning environment. Cartwheels is filled with fun learning apparatus’ that are scaled down to meet the unique size requirements of the preschool and kindergarten aged child. We utilize an assortment of incline mats, monkey bars, single bars, balance beams, rings and many other developmental skill mats and apparatus.


A typical cartwheels class will run for 30 minutes and consist of a warm-up activity involving stretching, music, dance, or other activity followed by a circuit of skills and activities designed to teach children basic body positions, movements and safety skills as well as basic gymnastics skills on the floor, beam, bars and rings. Some special activities that only occur with the Cartwheels bus:

  • Dance Aerobics on the Balance Beam!
  • Beam-Chi! (Tai-Chi on the Balance Beam)

Class sizes vary from 4 to 10 children per class. For centers with larger numbers we will stay and do multiple classes.


We teach over 100 children per week, at many preschools in Lincoln. We go to Public preschools, and we also go to Private in-home preschools and daycare’s.


Monthly Tuition:

$30.00 per child monthly. Please note that we define a month as averaging 4 weeks. Some months will contain 3 weeks because of holidays while others will contain 5 weeks.

Registration Fee:

$15.00 per child annually. The registration fee is used to cover our mandatory annual medical insurance on each of the students.


Families with more than one child may deduct 10% off of each additional child’s tuition.


Because we come to each center only once per week we cannot accommodate make-ups. However, if your child is absent for more than two weeks in a month, give us a call and we will make an adjustment to your tuition.


You will be billed the first of the month. Payment is due upon receipt of your statement.

Vehicle Trouble:

In the event that our bus is not feeling well and is in for service we will credit the missed class to the next month.


The Cartwheels Bus will not venture out if the temperature is below 0 or above 100 degrees or if poor weather conditions exist. We will do our best to make up these classes or credit them to the next month’s tuition.

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